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Assess your risk! The Styrian Cave Rescue Association appeals for a particularly responsible and risk-aware expedition planning. Expeditions should only be carried out with the participants in good health and carefully adapted to their fitness and training levels. It is exceptional important to take care for each other and to avoid exceeding individual physical limits. Obey the current hygiene and safety regulations also on expeditions!

Words of Caution

Preparing for a risk is much better than being involved in an accident. The following should be obeyed strictly by anybody visiting a cave on her/his own.

... never go alone

There should be at least a group of three spelunkers.

... be well equipped

  • Every spelunker should carry at least two independent light sources with him.
  • Use adequate clothing for the environment in the cave. e.g. warm enough, no water soaking clothes
  • Your rigging material should be cleaned and function proper.
  • Have enough food and drink.

... leave Information

Leave the following information to some trustworthy person, who will alarm the cave rescue in case of a delay.

  • Point of time to give an alarm.
  • The exact location of the cave.
  • Number of spelunkers and their equipment. Number plate of the cars. Phone numbers.

About Us

Symbol for our emergency telephone code

Emergency Telephone Code - 130

The Styrian Cave Rescue is part of the Styrian Disaster Control. Therefore it is most efficient to use their emergency telephone code - 130. Your case of emergency will be coordinated centrally and forwarded to the local work groups. You may also call the European emergency telephone code 112.

Symbol for our tasks

Our Tasks

It is our duty to save people or bring them out of danger in natural caves as well as in man-made-caves (closed mines). Our main duty is to give first aid on the ground.

Would YOU like to help us with our tasks? In the document HR-Richtlinien.pdf (sorry, German only) you'll find the required qualifications for becoming a member of the cave rescue or the cave diving rescue.

Symbol for our means

Our Means

Every year in spring and fall a country-wide training course for the cave rescue work groups (actually nearly one hundred members in Styria) takes place. Basic and continuing education is offered with these courses. In spring a mission training is done. In fall there is a stronger focus an educational training. Besides survey training also man rescue from a shaft and first aid are taught and practiced. Sometimes training on helicopters are also part of the course. We learn how to assist the helicopter pilot on which place to land, learn how to board and deboard a helicopter in the field and how to fly on the rope. These training lessons are well assisted by the people of the Austrian Air Force and the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.

In cave rescue missions we work together with the Alpinpolizei as well as with the work groups of the Austrian mountain rescue service. The people from the Austrian mountain rescue service usually care for the patient as soon as he is out of the cave.

The necessary rescue material such as stretchers, vacuum mattresses, rope winches and ropes, cordless hammer drills, carabiner, anchor and first aid material is financed by the means from the Styrian government. Also the costs of the training courses are paid from this.

Symbol for the history of the cave rescue

Our History

The Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue was founded in March, 1990 as an organization of volunteers for rescuing people out of caves.

In April 1991 the contract for fulfillment of the tasks for special rescue services was signed by the Styrian government and the Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue.

1994 the cave diving rescue service was founded.

Since 1991 the Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue is a member of the Österreichische Höhlenrettung (Austrian Federation for Cave Rescue).