The Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue organizes two province-wide training sessions a year. These take place in spring and fall in different work areas in Styria.

Province-wide Trainings

At this province-wide trainings people from every local work group take part. At nearly every training we practice with other work groups. (mountain rescue service, air emergency, mine rescue brigade, etc.)
In the following you'll find the main trainings:

Mission Training

In a mission training everything runs like in a case of emergency. Every phase of a case of emergency is simulated.

Technical Training

With the technical training the people learn how to handle the rescue equipment properly. The important parts are rope and knot technique.

Salvage Training

The salvage training consists mostly of practicing the technical knowledge, whereby the salvage of a person from a cave is trained.

Orientation Training

Entrances of caves are usually in challenging terrain. Therefore orientation training with compass, maps and GPS devices is very important.

First Aid

First aid is the most important duty of the cave rescue besides salvage of a person out of a cave.
Therefore it is import to master the basic first aid techniques.

Trainings and Missions

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You'll find some pictures here from training events.

Treffpunkt auf der Holdalm im Obertal bei Schladming Vorbereitung des Bergematerials vor dem Annastollen v.l.n.r. Günter Lammer - Landesleiter, Mag. Philipp Kernbauer - A20 Katastrophenschutz und Landesverteidigung, Hildegard Lammer - Schriftführerin Eingang zum mittelalterlichen Annastollen Die Grubenwehr vor dem Einsatz Bergung eines Verletzten in der Mumientrage Bergung eines Verletzten in der Kendlertrage Bergung eines Verletzten in der Kendlertrage