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This web site was created by Heinrich Grillhofer on behalf of the Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue. The pages were designed with the YAML-Framework.


The images on this web pages were provided by Anton Bodlos, Thomas Rothleitner, D.I. RĂ¼diger Zenz, Siegfried Kallinger and Heinrich Grillhofer.

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Steirischer Landesverband für Höhlenrettung

Björn Haberfellner
Geyereggstrasse 18
A-8790 Eisenerz

Telefon: +43 676 6693578

eMail: hoehlenrettung.stmk (at) gmail.com

ZVR Number: 732421208

Intention of this Web Site

Information about the organization and the activities of the Styrian Federation for Cave Rescue.

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